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Monday, January 29, 2007

love is like figs.

phweee i feel like stopping everything now and going for a break, even though i don't think it's ever possible. because i'm in singapore and i'm in nanyang, because nobody would even care about anything else other than SIA deadlines.

i'm in the sentimental mood these days, and i want to do something more than just studying. something meaningful, something close to heart. but it's stupid, because i know i can't do anything much without studying. so too bad for me, i guess i'll just have to wait.

blah i don't know why i'm blogging when i can't even put my thoughts into proper words. blah blah i don't even know why i'm blogging when no one even comes here anymore.

i want to eat soya icecream.

heaven on earth
3:22 pm

Sunday, January 21, 2007


just finished d.n. angel yesterday and it's so sweet!

daisuke is so cute and it's so stupid cos now i'm into cute 14-year-old boys with red spikey hair.

oh coffee club has good wasabi prawn salad.

and muji has a nice cap which makes me look good at $39. which i think is a total madness.

and now i'm just waiting for my sister to contact me so i can buy tickets from sistic online. which is getting so irritating cos i always have to ask my sister for help to get things online. blahblahblah too bad for me with no credit card.

heaven on earth
2:55 pm

Saturday, January 13, 2007

does anyone still read this blog? haha.

who cares. i am the queen.

i just updated to the new blogger and i'm supposed to be enjoying it!

this is The First Post of 2007.

which is a very exciting year.

does periods make you high? cos today is First Day and i'm am surprisely quite high now! maybe it's because i experienced no cramps today. just felt weird in the stomach in the morning. so i guess EPO works in a way! (i shall account last month's bad cramps to cold coconut milk. gosh it was so bad i almost lost my mp3.)

or maybe i'm high because of 14 hours of sleep yesterday! say goodbye to eyebags/eyerings.

heehee right now i'm listening to ZhouJieLun and believing that I, yes I, am The Cute Woman (可爱女人). yes, still ke ai despite acne and fats.

and i figured that i don't like 三年二班 by him as well because i don't like the feeling i get when i hear the song. to hell with all the ego-bruising lyrics.

hahaha and i like the blower's daughter by damien rice ever since i watched closer. i like the way damien rice goes intense at some parts of the song!

heehee my sister is turning 22 in a few days time, i feel so old for her. and this year i'll be officially exposed to NC16 movies! wheehee.

oh yeah, today i finally felt like i had energy for training even though i didn't really have the spirit (due to bad feeling in stomach)! and i had a change of partner because my partner abandoned me for somebody she loved better but my partner was pretty good as well.

still unsure of whether i'm going to update this on a regular basis. maybe if 1 person reads. maybe if i feel like a queen. maybe if i get married. okay ignore the last point.

and maybe if i continue blogging, i'll change my blog to pennymoo.blogspot or pennymoo.livejournal. still not as cool as penny.something, but i figured all the penny.somethings are taken up so i'll just have to make do with something half as cool or stick to this one.

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heaven on earth
9:57 pm

Friday, November 24, 2006

this is one song that i'm so into right now. omg it's so sad and it made me so sad during training cos i looped it the entire night and the journey to school and i'm still looping now. so go listen go listen go listen! but don't bother getting other songs by the band cos it's pretty difficult and i think this is one of their nicer songs.

People Change

Didn't hear a tone, are you, hello
I never hear a tone, I guess you know
I can't remember what I called to say
I thought you might be home on Saturday

I really can't believe it's been a year
It took a little time without you here
I'm guessing you survived alone somehow
It's good that I can joke about it now

I still avoid the park at Christopher
Never wanna feel the way we were
Unless I'm in a hurry for that train
And that's the only newsstand open late

People change (people change) everyday (everyday)
Change like you (change like you)
I got all the time in the world

People cry (people cry) all the time (all the time)
Cry like me (cry like me)
We got all the time in the world

It's been so long that no one even asks
And everybody's walkin' on the grass
Grass that took a while to reappear
I'd forgotten green without you here

Christmas came and went upon this bench
Tryin' to justify what made no sense
Now the ivy's overrun the tears
But it could never hide what happened here

People change (people change) everyday (everyday)
Change like you (change like you)
I got all the time in the world

People cry (people cry) all the time (all the time)
Cry like me (cry like me)
We got all the time in the world

(Fillin' in the conversation by myself)
(Fillin' in the reason why you leave me leavin', leavin')
(Thinkin' back, the hope we had was more than mine)

The hope we had was more than mine (more than mine)
I know it makes sense to you (more than mine)
Just make it make sense to me

Maybe I'm alive beneath the snow
Maybe you're too petrified to know
I can't believe that you would tell me lies
How could I have missed that in those eyes

Maybe if I only heard your voice
I would understand you had no choice
And though I'm glad it's clear for you to see
I wish that you could make it make sense to me

People cry (people cry) all the time (all the time)
Cry like me (cry like me)
I got all the time in the world

Flowin' in and out your life (people change)
By tomorrow mornin (everyday)
Flowin' in and out my life (people change)

People change (people change) everyday
People cry (people change) all the time
People change (people change) everyday

heaven on earth
12:02 am

Friday, November 17, 2006

to anyone who is still reading this, go listen to


even though it's so old already. it's okay, i like old stuff.

heeheehee i like wild woman!

heaven on earth
2:58 pm

Sunday, November 05, 2006

it's been long since i last updated.

and maybe my luck is starting to get better.

this whole year has been way suay for me, even things i didn't expect to happen happened. but maybe, it's getting a bit better!

i promise to be better next year. even though i don't keep my promises all the time, i will try.

anyway i realized that the world isn't filled with so many pretty people after all! so many people had undergone plastic surgery before. even works of art like matsushima nanako and won bin are rumoured to have undergone plastic surgery, sadly. so i no longer need to be so upset because i am 100% natural even though i am still not very pretty.

i guess this will be all because it feels weird after not updating for so long.

heaven on earth
11:26 pm

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

say yes to tearjerkers!

omg i love to cry.

heaven on earth
11:15 pm


heaven on earth
9:43 pm